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The Rives Township Planning Commission will hold a Public Hearing Monday, February 27, 2023 @ 6:30 p.m. at the Rives-Tompkins Fire Station 8682 Lansing Ave. Jackson, MI, in regards to the 2022 Rives Township Master Plan solar intent language, and can be viewed at the Rives Township Office: 348 E. Main Street Rives Junction, MI., during office hours and at www.rivestownshipmi.com.  Send comments to the above address Attn: Planning Commission Secretary.

Proposed Amendment to Rives Township Master Plan

It is the intent of the Planning Commission to amend Chapter 3 – Page 3-2, of the Master Plan by adding a new subsection 4 to the statement of objectives for Agricultural Land Uses as follows:

  1. It is recognized by this plan that the preservation of agricultural land uses may include the development of certain renewable energy systems subject to special land use and site plan approvals.


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